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Wow, reading that felt like deja vu. o__o Fear of the unknown is horrible, it makes you not want to go that extra step. But hopefully you wont end up doing what I did ]: even though I think my "story" has a "happy ending" now lol. Ive been called all sorts of nasty things and made out to be the most evil person for not being honest to my then-bf with my feelings BUT.. if you dont think a relationship is worth pursuing then it'll probably do less damage in the long run to just drop it. But just do it the right way and dont do what I did. xD Or maybe you think your current relationship is still worth it, which seems to be the case, and you have fought for it... plus you must've chosen your current bf for some good reasons, so if you can salvage it, then dont let that go to waste. I guess just take it easy and see what the future brings you. :3