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XD aww <3

Yeah... we admitted to each other, that we had feelings for one another. I did tell him my reasons as to why we just can't go there. There were many times he got mad to the point where he would punch a wall, (reminds me so much of a drama right now...) He would get mad mostly because of what's happening to me in my current relationship. He's protective, as a boyfriend should be. He probably treats me more of a girlfriend, then any other guy had.. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I ask myself everytime that my relationship is going wrong, why I never went the other route. Maybe I'm just being melodramatic, but I feel as if I'm more selfish. I don't want to lose the relationship I have now. But I only second doubt myself when something goes wrong.

Kay, enough about that now XD. So to catch up on life. I went to my morning class, and we had an exam, and since it's a computer class, we have our exams on the computer. In the class there's like... 5 of us that took the class prior to that class last semester, and everything the professor has done in that class was done in the other, so we were all like "Lols, we know what to do -goes on ahead and starts the exam." We were taking our multiple choice first, so all we had to do was log-in and put in our student ID and select the exam. So all 5 of us have done that. During this time, the professor went around the room, because some people didn't know their ID number, and when he got to the last person, he realized he forgot to put her ID number into the database to allow her to take the test. And apparently for him to do that, he needs to go to the master computer and allow her ID number, but he can only do it if nobody has opened up the exam yet. Well, 5 of us opened it up, but since the other 4 was sitting in the other side of the computers where he can't see the screen, he only saw mines, and he blamed me for starting first, when the other 4 people did the same... So I was pissed, and I was like -clicks answer, moves on- I mean seriously, it was his fault in the first place not to remember to do so. And I was already mad for him calling me out, when clearly I'm not the only one that did it. So. :/

Well, that's enough of my ramblings. How is everyone today? XD

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