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Default An update on Mike's life so far

What a crazy summer x_X, I get back from the alps to find our church is planning a major event this weekend. This means I'm working like a monkey to get things set up in our recently recarpeted and repainted church. (Some of which was done by me xD).

There's also the visitors from Germany and the South of Ireland to cater to and the school work I have to get prepared for my last big year of school.
I've to start my analysis on a company's database using everything from questionaires to interviews to simply observing how the system works. Fortunately at the end of this 5-6 month project, I could get paid up to 10k dollars with 400 dollars maintenance fees every quarter for keeping their system running. Unfortunately, it's a 5 -6 month project I'm starting in less than 2 weeks Q_Q. Finally there's my future career i need to sort out and I need to start applying to universities, get my applications written and checked and before all that, decide where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna study lol..

Trickster-wise, I'm gonna help out Strike. Ask him for details if you need. My Coon (due to the running out of my pouch Q_Q) is going into temporary grind status. I might level him when I get time. He's rather useless otherwise so I'm gonna grind until more free myshop appears lol.

Err I think that's it.


List of priorities:

- Keeping myself alive (feeding/sleep)
- System Analysis (lol Analysis)
- Future Carreer prospects (sorting them out)
- This Event x_X (Just one weekend...)
- Trickster D:

I barely even have enough time to game anymore! How can I call myself a gamer? BAW BAW

So thats it. Someone PM me the pass to the private section and gimme all your msns so i can chat when i catch you guys online.

ttyl ;P
Back to playing Trickster!
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