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So, I got out of class, and usually during this time I would go to the cafeteria to fight for a place to camp my ass and my laptop down. We have limited tables that has access to the outlets in the walls. So there's always some sort of fight to get an outlet XD. So I went to the cafeteria to find out that they closed the other side with the outlets off to put up paintings. Nobody was even in there... I was so pissed off. So then I had to go search for another place, so here I am, in the Auditorium. And I'm getting blinder as I type, because this place is like all windows and doors, so it's very bright. =_=

Well, since my team fails in getting our project done, we're meeting on Saturday... at 8AM =_= We need to finalize our house and actually tape it, and get our presentation written out. It's a good thing we're not presenting on Monday, so we have an extra day to get everything together and have note cards for our presentation. One of my teammates is such a pessimist. He brings way too many outside emotions into the team meeting, that it's very irritating. We can't get a lot of things done, because he sits there and be emo, and he snaps at everyone when we ask him something.

Sigh, so yeah, another weekend spoiled by this project. ;-;

I don't have class until another hour and a half, and I have nothing to do actually, except rot here in this seat. And my butt is getting very numb. Halp.

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