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Night Yuki >:? I envy you for your sleep D8 My sleeping patterns gone to hell since a few weeks ago and I cant seem to get it back on track ._. Its almost like Ive gone from sleeping nights and being awake in the daytime to the other way around.

Journals/blogs here are pretty nice, arent they o_o? I wanted to use the actual blog feature originally, only to find these journal threads more fun and interesting. In a way, I do want people to read what I post, so Im better off with these journals than an actual blog. Kept a blog on my friend's domain about 2 years ago, stopped updating it in the end due to lack of things to write about (and possibly lack of interest from others), it got spammed to death with ads and shit in the end, and my friend eventually asked if it was ok for them to take it down ._.