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Murai is on a distinguished road

OGP Forum Name: Morrywinn
Read the Guild Rules: Of course =)
Character IGN: Murai
Character Job/Class: Explorer, most likely going for gunslinger
Character Level: 30
Activeness: Varies, couple of hours every day if possible. At least one day in weekends 4+ hours.
Main Character: Yes
I haven't been in a latale guild yet.

Real Name: Rick
Age: 19
Nationality/Ethnic: Dutch
Location: Netherlands, Nijmegen
Time Zone: GMT +1
What you do for a living: University student, majoring in English language & culture.
Type of music you enjoy: psychedelic/post/garage/math/art/stoner rock but I find much more genres 'listenable' (Does this matter though? Not that I wouldn't like to talk about musical preferences... but will I be judged for my taste in music?)
Microphone: Yes
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Up until now, latale hasn't been much of a social experience for me and I'd like that to change. The first instanced dungeon is also beginning to pass me by, which I think is a shame.
Honestly, I did not expect to find a mature guild for the game, but after reading this thread I've come to realise I was wrong, and I would really like to be a part of this 'ere guild =)