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Originally Posted by Kris
I'll keep the calculator online, for the chinese and japanese versions players, although from what I've heard, the game isn't doing too well (major flaws, class imbalance especially, making party'ing with anything other than mage or cleric a waste of time, and pvp'ing with anything but knight a joke...)

Oh well, until the next decent turn based MMO.
I guess thats because of you cant hit the back row even if you stand in the front line.
Knight and close combat weapon cant hit the 2nd row regardless the pet have guard or not.
They have to kill the pet before hitting the Player which lose advantages of being a knight, esp. Axeman (Axe, which have the highest attacking value in this game)

But yet it is a challenge of being know your character well and guessing what the emeny would do.
(You have to know what type of skill you can use against or help the other and guessing what coming in and how to prevent, gambling on the speed of making a move.)
Since it is a turn based game, PvP required Stratagy rather than Skill or whose computer/network better. (Lag is a big problem for me LoL)

However comparing to CrossGate, Concerto Gate doesnt seems have much thing supprising but keep letting our hope down.
Actually the verson 4.0 of CrossGate is pretty good. We can see that Balance is really happening and thanks to 3.0/4.0, we have lots more pets.
But Still, old game cant attract new blood. /_\
Screen Shot of lunia war
I didnt use High resolution for playing, so some may not turn out good =]

Msn Space photo of CrossGate
I duno if this work....

FaceBook Fans Group Of CrossGate
Thats had a lot of screenshot that I edited and put up for share.

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