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Originally Posted by ConcertoGateHapa
I can't say anything officially yet, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for CBT2. That's just my help/advise to you.
Originally Posted by Tamao
That came from my inbox after talking to ConcertoGateHapa.
So, it really is dead and I won't try to keep the forums alive anymore, thanks for being so hopeful though, everyone.

Tamao being one of the last few faithful and active members, until she received this.
Time to bump Concerto Gate off the featured games?

I'll keep the calculator online, for the chinese and japanese versions players, although from what I've heard, the game isn't doing too well (major flaws, class imbalance especially, making party'ing with anything other than mage or cleric a waste of time, and pvp'ing with anything but knight a joke...)

Oh well, until the next decent turn based MMO.