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Got stuck in the snow in front of the car.
Took out some cream puffs, lost grip of the freezer door and it fell on my hand



My first sentence didn't make ANY sense...

I meant to say that I got stuck in the snow in my car right in front of the school before the buses came, so all the students were watching me. Thankfully, my principal, math teacher and one of the custodians pushed me out and \o/!
My brother once said, "You aren't a real driver until you hit a deer" well, I've driven over a... already dead deer on the road, and I've ran over a bird, I think.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but I'll add on to what he said.
"You aren't a real driver until you get stuck in the snow (Especially in Canada)."

P.S. How could the cream puffs betray me. ;w; HOW COULD THEY.

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