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MoonEclipse is on a distinguished road
Class: Dragon/Bunny/Fox lt_templar
Level: 150/104/86
Guild: iiAngelii/Symphony

Forum name: MoonEclipse
In-Game Name: xxStarlight
Game I'm Applying for: Trickster Online
Server I mainly play on: Jewelia/Ruby
Current Lvl: 77 (soon gonna change)
Class: Fox/Explorer
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
When I'm usually on: Usually everyday (brother also plays a lot)

I used to be in this guild as LightDragon909 (Lv 150) but got kicked because Trickster wasn't working on my Vista so I couldn't be online.
And I have a bunny named Sup3rBunniX lvl 103.
If I'm not online on my fox then probably I'm on my bunny or dragon or my brother is online.

Thank you


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