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Originally Posted by oomgomfg
IMO, if you can't even contact the real owner, then why the heck are you even trying to recover the accounts? Who are you trying to help here?

Learn to differentiate your real guildies with impostors, if you are really close friends, you should be able to tell if it is/isn't them right away. Sharing accounts is against the ToS, so therefore ijji is not liable to help you in any way at all. TFT didn't care, so they of course wouldn't delete your thread.
im recovering my friend's account becuz he left me with it, currently i dont no if hes gonna respond his e-mail or wat i spammed password resets to his e-mail already, if hes able to change it, then its GG For the hackers. and yea sharing accts is againist the TOS, but they're SELLING and BUYING and SHARING it as well. TFT did care when their active, but NOOO they got lazy after like 1 week?
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