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Default Chinese Website of CG2

I know you guys dun read Chinese.
But this is a website for CG2 and I think It is nicely done.
Yet not finished.

2000Fun - *力寶貝2冒險*園 進入*面

Start From Top left,
Jobs and Skills
Pets and Ablum

I think you guys can check in the Pets zone, to see what kind of Monster we will see in CG2. I can see if I could get permisson to translate the website into English. But I dunno if you guys want to explore Concerto Gate yourself.

I found out that the Skill part is a bit more complicated than I thought. Also, combating the equipments and the Quests, most are based on CrossGate, adding more features in it.
CrossGate is already not an easy picking up game. However, this may get people attantion because you may discover new things everyday.
Screen Shot of lunia war
I didnt use High resolution for playing, so some may not turn out good =]

Msn Space photo of CrossGate
I duno if this work....

FaceBook Fans Group Of CrossGate
Thats had a lot of screenshot that I edited and put up for share.

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