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Originally Posted by buta
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Specifically number 4. They are not obligated to do a thing for you because the fault is yours in the first place. Or your friends. I don't know your social group.

If the account information got into the hands of the "hacker" by any means outside of a forced entry (ie. owner tells them, owner tells someone and they hear, etc.) then the owner of the account has no right to complain about it as, from the very beginning, it is the owners fault for even saying it outloud.

Social engineering is not considered in the ToS. And given that that is how, I assume from your vague description, said "hacker" gained access to the account, then ijji cannot do anything. Least of all if the account information was given up voluntarily.
well there is ONE way the gm would do action, is to find the real jey himself and let him tell the gms that he want his account banned along wit the hackers, thats like the only choice OR.... get his e-mail + e-mail password and reset his password ( i has his e-mail dunno password )
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