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Originally Posted by buta
You, sir, make me lol.

1. GM deleted the thread you linked to. While I read it while it was still up, anybody who actually believes that is really, really, really dim in the head.
2. Your sekrit character's name is in your screenshot. And you basically answered to your name while in a battlefield. I wasn't even looking for it and I found it out. GG for secrecy.
Actually, they're just a guild that invites anyone. As much as people like to judge entire guilds by certain people, it doesn't work as well as you'd think. ie. just because you think one person is a retard, doesn't mean the entire guild is retarded. just because you trust one person, don't go trusting the entire guild.
4. Consider the possibility that this "hacker" on the account really is clueless as to the accusations you're making.
5. TOS quote for you. Obviously the account information was known. That or the person is a good guesser. Thus the owner is at fault for not reading the ToS. Anything beyond that, whining about how you trusted someone, is just asking for drama.
edit: this is just to clarify the point that Light made, that you broke the ToS and thus your account has problems. And thus they can't/won't help you.

BTW, why IS everyone out to get Athy?
no that person did not know my friend's account, he made a fake one called 'forgottenjeyz" aka false idenity to fool every1 in the PinK guild. And i already know i broke the TOS thats y i DELETED my 6x account. What im trying to show who they are and why the gm(s) dont do any action.
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