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Default Hacker Found

I have screenshots and prove that mmokami is a guild of hackers, cheats, thieves with false idenity. With the help of tehfaith who is Ladyathy's older brother, i was able to investigate this throughly and i would also like to thank all my friends for supporting me in this depressional mode im in with a new char and having to abandon my main and creating a hidden char.
mmokami's guild leader pointing to us out whos inside jeyzshinigami my friend's acct and which i previously owned to take care of it until he returns.
hacker that was on my friend's acct saying he is blak ( blaksnow lv 62 yuki )
more pics of how the hacker wouldnt give my friend's acct back after hung told him to. even the leader HIMSELF said it out loud about whos the hacker and who was in jey b4 its acct was sold. I am not lieing, even if it was photoshoped it would b impossible since the leader / person said it themselves. Srry if this offended any mmokami members that wasnt involved with this incident.

Extras : read what etolie posted, ur kidding me right? the Gm(s) dont even care, i cant believe ijji has some "fail" service.

The account owner of the account LadyAthy needs to contact for further information about the status of their account. Since you are not the account owner, I'm not at liberty to discuss this with you in any capacity whatsoever, for the sake of privacy. That is a customer service email, which I do not answer, but the customer service team will answer the account owner's inquiry in the order it is received.
Regardless of the half of the lunia population you have purportedly backing you, I'm not closing anyone's account based off of drama and hearsay. Furthermore, if you post these screenshots, the thread will be deleted for drama. Please recover your account via the helpdesk. Did anyone else have access to your account, or did you give out your login information to anyone?

As stated in my previous message to you, I'm not going to be banning anyone based on hearsay. What you just sent to me, is exactly that-- hearsay.
In the meantime, I thank you for your patience while you and your friends await a response from the helpdesk for assistance in your account recovery.--------Then tell me, Why was my friend banned for? False accusion and you think ur gonna let the real curplits get away with that?

Whereupon you gave him your login information, is that correct?-------because he used false idenity

It's none of your business what your friend was banned for. Period. It's not your account. It has nothing to do with you.
This "justice" you are referring to also has absolutely nothing to do with your account. Regardless of whether someone convinced you whether they were your friend or not, the fact that you shared your login information with this person renders you responsible for the breeched security of your account.---- it is my business, its my friend's account he entrust to me. and hell yea it is mines because athy's my friend i have the right to know.

You yourself just admitted to violating the Terms of Service. Ijji does not recognize the trade, or sharing of accounts. As you are not even the original account owner, it's truly not your call to make.--- Yes i admiited into violating it, that is why i closed off my old account to remake a new one, to start a new self again to remove my preivous mistakes and hopefully not to do it again. when i find my friend ( the owner of jeyz's shinigami ) i will ask him/her to PM u about this situation and then its his call to make.

DO YOU guys call this Justice? NO because currently this company fails more than tft, *Wants tft's Gm team* Since ijji GMs wont let me post this on their site due to some so call "DRAMA" when i was gonna do to RESTORE my friend ( LadyAthy )'s reputation that kooki put with this. Athy hacked a2nkn1ght. - ijji Forums

sometimes it takes more than just clear pointing out accusing a innocent person and geting them banned for no reason. And that is why i pointed this MAJOR flaw in their system.
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