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Originally Posted by VorpalBunny
One of the ongoing debates of the day is whether to pick a Q6600 or an E8400. Very few games use quad cores, and by the time programmers get around to it, it will be time to upgrade. I'm slightly in favor of the E8400 because it draws much less wattage than the Q6600 and pretty much matches it's processing power. It's also a bit cheaper than the quad, which allowed me to switch up to a 9800GTX from a 9600GSO and still keep the system cost down to around $675 USD. The main advantage of the E8400 comes from the fact that your computer doesn't sound like a jet engine when under a large load or when watching HQ movies.
I'd go with the E8400 as well. Very solid processor.

I'd go with an ATI card personally, though rocking the 1gb 4870 myself :3