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Jaeyu is on a distinguished road
IGN: Jaeyu
Class: Raccoon to_raccoon
Level: 230
Guild: Symphony

Another Application?

Forum Name: Jaeyu
In-Game Name: Jaeyu
Game Applying For: Trickster Online
Most Active Channel/Server In Game: The one that has more active people on it on the Jewelia server. I think it was ruby...I get them mixed up...
Current Level: 160
Class: Charm - Gambler
Time Zone/Location: Eastern Time Zone!
Your Available Days and Hours for Game Play: This is usually sporadic o.o

Oh, I don't know if I'll get accepted or not, but if I do I might not be on for awhile due to a lot of tests >.> and other projects (Stupid school). Unfortunately this takes priority, but I thought I'd fill out an application now anyways before I forgot xD Oh and I also saw someone in Mega one time with something about tarp cookies. Honestly, I have no idea what tarp cookies are, I just figured its a cookie and that alone is enough to apply


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