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Cool Warrior Skill Guide

Holy Beast Warrior Skill Guide

Taurus - More HP
Tiger - Attack Power
Dog - HP Regeneration

Clans Note:
Choose which ever you like and looks coolest, there all good for warrior, I would go with dog/tiger as its more rounded for warrior, but Taurus looks the coolest though when evolved, the horns in the game are huge

Shatter - 15 sec cool down
- This skill rocks, you can stun pretty much anything every 15 sec Must get...

Howl - 300 sec cool down
- Must get skill as warrior, increases HP

Bless - 5 min cool down
- Must get skill as warrior, increases def but lowers attack a little, its good for soloing bosses

Victory Strength - 5 min cool down
- Another must get skill, it increases your attack power

Speed Attack - 5 min cool down
- This is pretty much bread and butter of warriors strength it increases your attack speed really high , it kind of sucks when you get it at lv 12 becouse it dose not last full duration of cool down, but it gets better at lv 28 as lasts 6 min

Skills Note:
If your thinking of getting other skills, don't, they all suck badly, have very long cool down timers and pretty much are horrible.

BAD Skills:
Skybreak - very long cool down / cast time, auto attacks do more damage..
Meteor Crash - short cool down / its ok skill, but auto attacks do more damage then the skill.
Royal Blow - very long cool down / cast time, auto attacks do more damage..
Provoke - 30 sec cool down, this skill blows, pretty useless...

Sadly you have to lv to lv 36 to get good skills, at this point your pretty much stuck with same skills from lv 12...
Anyways warrior is very boring class to play but can kill and solo anything pretty much 24 levels without any new skill might be a drag, if you can do it, warrior is pretty much the most powerful class in the game, 2nd is Thief, 3rd is Elemental.

Warrior Play Style
What you have to understand about Warrior is that your auto attacks do more damage then the skills, skills are there just to boost your attack / defense or snare the enemy your attacking.

Usually skills have long cast time/cool down that means you can perform 2-3 auto attacks in the same time you can cast 1 skill.

Warrior Leveling / Grinding
For normal mobs, that you can kill 2-4 hits never use short/long/heavy weapons, use bow always, bow is your best friend in this game, it dose physical attack which works very well, you can hit mobs faster then running from 1 mob to the other with short/long/heavy weapons speed is everything.

When Fighting hard mobs towers/dungeons/boss, use Shield + 1 H weapon, if you combine that with Speed Attack skill, your attacks / damage will be quicker then any 2H weapon, maybe it changes later on in the game, but so far auto attacks with 1H do more damage then Long or heavy Weapons.

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