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Netbook is a shitty term. I'm completely against using it. I have an eee 1000 on which I run eee ubuntu 8.04. It runs like a dream. I do software development on it with python, haskell, scheme, and prolog, and it compiles and runs code extremely fast. I get about 5 hours of battery life on wireless with the backlight turned down. It weighs about 2lbs and has an excellent wireless range. The keyboard is only a centimeter shorter than my logitech measuring from a to l, so it takes no adjustment. I nabbed it for $300 off newegg a while ago. It's been the best purchase I've made in a while.

Also for the gender thing, all the ladies come talk to me when I use it.

I also totally second what Gati said. As for gaming laptops, that's a serious waste of money. You could buy like 5 or 6 of these things for the price of a truly viable gaming laptop.

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