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Default Kiddy Kreations

I used double K like Kuda and Kakashi xD
I never got all my sections ready yet either x_X Rushed everything. Also please bear with the blurry banner for now till i fix it.

Anyways I am Kiddy/Nami and I am 13 years old. I have been doing graphics for about...3 months now? I started because I admired those who made those cute little banners that I know are called signatures. So inspired that I desperately tried to find a way to do it and found my cute little gimp~ No PS for me =o Around there so im still a noob compared to everyone else on this forum >: Examples will be put tomorrow when I finish school lol.

1. Daicho


Request Form

Picture: (If you dont want to hunt for that picture, just tell me what kind of picture you want in it)
SubText: (optional)
Colors: (optional)
What: A signature? A avi? A set? Indicate which =)
If you lack any info like not including what TYPE of render you want in the signature then it will be ignored


*Please rep me when you get your request
*Do Not RIP and claim it as your own or edit it yourself
*Leave Credit!
*Do not use for personal things

Again, please leave credit and give me GOOD QUALITY IMAGES to work with...
Also, people who rip suck...So If I see a ripped work of mine, then you know that I will chase you and gag you >=D...Thank you everybody who have motivated me to try again and make my own sig thread here ^-^ I feel very happy about that

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Arme lvl 38
Thanks ruuka for the sig ;D
My Art Thread

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