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I remember when I joined kinda, cuz Mindy was like "YOU SHOULD JOIN!" and I was like "Okay..."
I remember when my kitty used to be above Mindy's....hahaha.
I remember that one time when I wanted to GvG and you all were like "NO YOU FAIL BECAUSE YOU ARE LOW LEVEL!" and I went and cried in a corner
I remember that time in the Event Garden when I got stalked by that buff that wanted to rape me D:
I remember that time when we were in Kei's mycamp and found all his gay p0rn magazines
I remember when I really wanted a Santa hat and Billy sold me one.
I remember when I remade my kitty and my sheepie finally got to 3rd! Followed shortly by my keety.
Fun times D:
I wish they would last foreverrrrrr!