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Default Classes and usefullness

Hello :P

What would be your favourite and less favourite classes you wanna party with? (higher lvl)
Mine would pretty much look like this:

I didn't play Ryan enough to see how effective he is... so well...

Arien is first because of crit buff and 2nd highest/highest dps+mana extention
Eir is second because... she can heal o.O
Yuki is third because of the 2nd highest/highest dps+mana extantionand freeze, which is REALLY useful later on
Dacy is fourth because of glitch( :P), TC and pretty good damage and inv. frames...
Kreig is fifth because he can fake ress and can deal decent damage later on. after rebirth even more because of the transform
tia is sixth because... erm...i dunno... i just like her :P
Lime is seventh because he is cute and can deal high damage if he is played right, but dies to fast and got nerfed
Dainn is eights because his damage isnt that great and well... if he is played correct he sure is great, but well... most dainns i met are noobs >_>
Siegs are last because 90% of siegs i met are dumb noobs who even fail at dashing...
If it is a great sieg i would put him around where lime and tia are.

And yoouuu? :P