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omg, you make me cry .....assholes!
i still play trick, some things are pretty "fun". im 241 right now. nice exp quests, 0 party, forget about grind and never think about pvp unless you get the blood set (non myshop godly eq droped by count blood when you kill him 200 times T_T )
i remember sarasasan when i was a mage (yes i was a damn mage at first >_>) and i asked her if she knew spanish bcause "sarasa" is like "blah" in argentinian spanish xD (idk if fat mindeh remember that)
i remember when i helped bb to cheat on guild event (i wasnt in that time), so, if she won, was cheating.
i remember that party with bb healing for exp at noras xD nooob
the long noob stalk with fat mindeh fat in paradise and the predator hunt (i've lost that ****ing seal now =/ )
raxles? anyone remember him? the no talk guy?
ahm, idk, i can write a lot of things know...lazy... maybe steve can do a better effort =P
cmon bro, you have some stories!
get in and drill for 50 popuri boxes to get 10k myshop and lot of trash, they are easy to get.
i'll apply to guild again soon (long story)

love ya all! i read the spam thread but idk what the hell are you talking about

and mindeh is fat