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oh my..there are so many things @_@

I first met bomb and billy when I was still a level 30ish nablet sheep who wanted to be a healer (!). I joined their share exp party at nora's sewer and got a few levels while I was healing them. Also, a low level dragon joined us and was quite a pain (he stalked me later on ._.). Bomb asked me if I wanted to join his guild and I accepted, billy wasn't in the guild yet.


-I remember when Ichi (using original sarasasan) tried helping me with tm by card battling me lol
-I also remember when we had our interviews
-I remember when I was trying to job change Pharoe and bomb bought almost everything for me ;D
-I remember when I asked Ichi to join the guild @_@
-I remember when me and ichi trained at phantom school and had fun fun adventures while exploring the deeper levels 8D
-I remember when perb Kei joined the guild.
-I remember when perbier liquid joined the guild
-I remember when me, gemmie, ichi, kei and liquid (sometimes billy too) stalked each other.
-I remember when Ichi had to underline stuff and played trickster at the same time.
-I remember baron and that always 60ish rapidstrike lol
-I remember when we went to pvp and I was the only one to get randomly abused D:

There is more, but I'm too lazy to type them all

and ichi is fat 8D