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IGN: Look behind you and ask them.

I'm glad to see some direct and indirect Taurus supporters replying! :3

I haven't had a chance to see the level two or three beast forms of Taurus transformations. I'm imagining that the obsidian horns with the intricate patterns become even more elegant than they already are, and that the forms become mightier in presence and stature than the cute chibi-bull of level one. If anyone has the pic of the higher-level forms, I'd be greatly appreciative.

@Elec: As my friend put it in a conversation with another friend concerning strength/endurance versus speed/evasion, "I might not be able to hit you all the time, but when my fists find you, they are going to hurt." Which is why I prefer to shrug off all incoming damage than to dodge until my luck runs out, lol.

@Kuya: It does kinda disappoint me that there's no offensive magic for the Taurus Clan, as I believe every other clan has at least one class for them, and the stats for a Taurus Healer intrigue me and make me confident that the Taurus are magic-savvy in various ways. Yeah, a Taurus Ele would be cool. I'd certainly give it a shot, if only because it would be Taurus.

@Fae: Dog clan is my second pick. :3 Both the Taurus and Dog clans have values I strongly admire in the classes/characters I play, and one of my most idealized values is loyalty, which immediately drew my attention to the Dogs. But, the more peaceful, retaliatory nature of the Taurus won me over in the end. Then again, I've had cow on the brain from another MMO I played recently, and the Taurus Clan's nature is somewhat reminiscent of that, so I immediately started grinning when I saw that this interesting MMO would let me continue enjoying that anthropomorphic indulgence. As far as I'm concerned, Vulpines and Bovines get an immediate seal of approval from me. =D Canines are occasional.

@Pwnage and Endgame: Yes, my beefy brethren! REPRESENT THE TAURUS CLAN!!! Wave those banners! Hoist those horns! Let the world know that we shall not be ignored! :3
In Ragnarok Online, I was once known as Athero, a noble Lord Knight whose only wish was that he swung his sword for a just cause.

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