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Well lmao I could go on and on and on about this.....
OK then...

I first played Maple Story when I came here to the US about 3 years ago...and it was my 14 year old cuzin that told me that this new game trickster was out!!! o: !!!

So I tried Trickster Online and soon came to the conclusion that this game is the best --starting with my dragon then scratching it to a sheep and not knowing anyone, I still thought that it was the best game evar..

So I started exploring and thought that I was so pro to be able to reach level 33 (YAY ME..)
After a while this weirdo dude went up to me and said: "DO YOU HAVE WHITE DAY CANDIES NAB?"... And so being the happy go digging person I was, I found out I had 9 white day candies or so that I dug up... And the person asking for them turned out to be squiddy alucard! :O

I joined my first guild ever at level 96, Reincarnation or was it.... Then the guild leader got banned for some junk reason, and then, I knew Apathy cuz he used to incinerate me to death while I wasn't looking, and made me pvp with him for the fun of burning me to ashes.....It was then that Apathy asked Bomb(or ichi or pharoe was it...)to invite me into teh guild.. And this is how I met u hax people today!!! !!!!

There were so much fun times... Like how I tried to die from MR and slid across to another person to zombie hit them LMAO...And I remember how I was sitting lonely when I didn't know anyone in this guild that Ichi came up to me and said Hi and how Pharoe always had the hots for her own green bra... lmao!!!... I also recall how liquid would type sex instead of sec ahahahaha!! I remember that Pharoe's first weird sentence that made me decipher that she is oh so cool is : " GIVE ME UR BRA!! *O* ", and how she would always *O* when someone told her that she was gonna be abused by a melon stick.. I remember hunting for pharaoh stuff with liquid and his nightwish nab...I remember Ichi getting mad at me for the accidental landmines that exploded on her and killed her D;....(or sometimes that I was just plain too mean and killed her sarasa and she would get back with Ichi D....I recall how gemmie tried to kill me the moment she got dark lance D8!!!!!!!!!!!!I remember drilling with all you nabs and getting helped on quests that a stupid 4141 pure luck fox couldn't handle.. I remember making strike happy when I comped a high on his choco hat thingy... I remember HARLI's HAX MYCAMP and all the dolls that looked like SarasaSan hahaha..

This thread is for memories, but don't let Exodus become a memory... ;D
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