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*waves little Taurus flag*

I'm a Dog clan lover by heart, I've tried them all but the Doggy has won me over. I must say I do like Taurus a lot as well :3 It's pretty amusing to see a tiny 'bull' running around so I really hope quite a lot of people will play this class. Not to mention the Human forms are one of the nicest ones out there. Beautiful horns and cute ears, it doesn't get much better than that to be honest.

On the other hand like I already said I'm a doggy person so my main will highlikely be that and not a Taurus but if I happen to need a side character and Taurus is one of the options then it's quite possible that a little Bull will be running around. I'd like to see it in the job as a Healer as well, to be honest I am very sure that it will stand its ground and will offer support like there has never been support before :3 (If of course the player behind the character is capable of playing decently)

I salute you for loving the Taurus Clan like I am devoted to the Doggy Clan :3