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Its still the same as the other older ones but i fixed a little something in the installer. It has a useless "Uninstall feature" which doesn't work(even though its not suppose to), and in the "Add or Remove Programs" it adds itself in there. Deleting it won't hurt Lunia at all if anyone was wondering about that.
So now I programed it to just overwrite the files and not create an "Uninstall" feature.

I believe ijji has already included the Archer, except like Yuki She doesn't have a Voice Actor so no need for requests of her voice change.

And, That is the most recent JLunia sounds from October. I don't think they'll be changing them anytime soon or at all with the old characters.

If anyone is curious, This installer includes the "Get Over here" sound for Sieg's Provoke.

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