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Meh, not really. Wiki stuff is pretty dry. When I meant "spam", I meant using anything and everything that does more damage than a basic melee hit to kill stuff faster, i.e. mini bosses and the like. But even against those my mana pool runs out. If something doesn't need to be killed, a new area needs to be moved into. Between those two activities, I find there's not a lot of downtime. And really, when you need MP most is when you're in those prolonged boss encounters. I think Yuki's DPS could increase a lot if she didn't have to charge a third of the time, perhaps more so if she could use points put into mp passives and get other attack skills.
I'm just looking for general thoughts, here.

I wonder what I did to earn all this spite? Maybe it's just prolonged exposure to your typical MMORPG player base. *shrug*
I have to kill fast and bullets too slow!