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Originally Posted by mangoman
I thought that too, but then I remembered that I never even touch Dacy's S ability, so I rationalized that not using Yuki's S one (outside of melee strings and all that) was justified. I'm not so sure the damage would suffer either. It's like shooting 200 regular bullets rather than 100 slightly-above-average ones. Besides, I might be able to nix ME altogether (it does get cancelled by a lot) and get yet another attack skill. Spamming ftw.

Patience FTL. Everyone wants to finish a stage fast, so spam away, I say.

Specifics would be nice.

I meant more along the lines of damage per hit. You know, so those dang Ghost raid archers won't go invincible so much due to all the multi-hit stuff Yuki throws around.
Non sequitur (logic)

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