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Ah, so this is another game where heals can crit. Still, that only fortifies my stance. Crits are an uncertain variable unless they can happen 100% of the time. Healers won't be stockpiling Strength, the skill-critting stat, and their Agility is low (but I'm not sure if Agility only affects the crits on regular melee). In that regard, skill crits are going to be a passive plus, and I feel Birds overextend into them. I'm speaking theoretically of course, as I won't know until the OB doors open up. I'm also assuming heavily that the starting stats are a clue, an indication of sorts, of a class-clan combination's stat growth. Taurus comes in second in terms of Strength (actually, Dragon is tied with Taurus), so its heal crits aren't too far behind. In exchange, compared to Bird, it's got equal survivability and a noticeably higher MP pool, it's got equal HP and HP regen, plus more MP and slightly less MP regen (emphasis on slightly), and it's got equal defense and better magic defense than Bird. That's the one piece of info I don't have--if their growth somewhat differs from their starting stat allocations. The other piece of info I don't have is how much more a crit heal recovers than a regular. Unless it's at least twice as much, it's only saving small fractions of MP.

I guess when it comes to it, Birds have to crit well because they don't have a lot of MP, but I don't see them critting that much more than the Taurus. Taurus can crit well, and have a decent amount of MP. Not Dragon-level, to be sure, but pretty darn good.

But yeah, I r representing Taurus since it seems no one else will.

That, and it's been a long time since I got to enjoy the fresh speculation for a game.

Edit: When you say heals are static, do you mean the healing formula is set and not stat-dependent? If that's true, then perhaps Healers might actually be investing more in Strength than I thought... o:
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