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Default Why no love for Taurus? D: This is Now a Taurus Appreciation Thread

You're bastards, the whole lot of you. Why no poll for Taurus? No excitement? No expectations? Did you all look at Taurus Clan and go "Pffh, the Warrior clan," or did you not even look their way at all because the main site said Dogs have that under their belt? Well, I'm not sitting here passively. This isn't Trickster, and I won't let this Clan receive the Buffalo treatment. Is it the horns? Or is it the fact that you guys probably only like your cows on a bun?

Well, until proven otherwise, I'm going to assume that Taurus can do it all. Not one class under their Clan has any real disadvantages, except not necessarily being the best at damage output. But they're always consistent, and they will always be the last one standing in terms of survivability.

Taurus fans, unite under a common banner and bring honor and glory to this ghost town of a subforum! DO EET!

*looks around, is still alone*

Well, I'll give you guys some time to get to your seats. *clears throat* I'll go first.

Okay, now Taurus grabs me in terms of its clan's nature and class options. It's the gentle brute, never looking to pick a fight but always prepared to end one should the fight have been brought to the Taurus in question. I like these sorts of characters; they make ideal guardians, not easily provoked but always down for the cause. And that's why I want to make a Taurus Warrior. I am convinced that Tigers who are strong offensively and all over the place everywhere else will have pretty numbers and little else and that Taurus will outlast them in a 1-on-1 fight both in terms of HP and CP. Dog is balanced, so it should win a good deal of its fights against Taurus, but that's back-and-forth. Monkey loses, hands down. If Dragon has some magical clan attacks, it might actually be the one to take Taurus down since it's second-best in terms of raw survival. Still, I see Taurus as the Noble Tank and I demand that you other Noble Tank lovers stand up and show some respect!

I'm only interested in Taurus Hunters because they are Taurus by default, and I want the complete set of characters. In terms of performance, I do believe that Dog would be a better choice for Hunter. But, as always, Taurus has survival under its belt and it certainly won't make the fight easy. Not much to say on this class, so I'll move on.

I'm going Taurus Healer after my Warrior because I honestly believe they'd be damn good Healers. Mark my words--just as much as I think Dragons are good mages and fighters, I believe the same for the Taurus. Who doesn't like a support class that can't die? More survival means the rest of the party can rest at ease, and it doesn't trade off much for that survival, either. In fact, the Taurus Healer is above average in support, average in combat and superior in survival. It's going to be awesome and when I get a chance to play I'm going to prove it.

I want to hear more cries of appreciation for the true horns of this game over the deafening amount of scale worship going on two doors down. NOW. That is all.
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