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Originally Posted by vom53
Bird Healer pwn the other classes.... look at stats in guides
Actually, I think you're overexaggerating. If you're basing that on the clan starting stats for a Healer, Birds don't have as many advantages as you might think in terms of their definitive role, which would be healing and support.

They are certainly more offensive, because they've got higher strength and intelligence, so what you have is a more combat-savvy Healer who can get in the mix--a Battle Priest. But, in exchange, their MP pool is by far the lowest of the three Healer clans and they have considerably less survivability. Their saving grace is their higher MP regen, but a Healer's the last magic class you want spending time trying to regain MP to do what they do. They're offense>support>defense which might not be the best layout for a dedicated Healer. If you want to solo the game more easily, then Bird Healer is fine, but I honestly believe that Taurus is the better Healer between the three.

Dragon is the traditional frail priest. Low-to-moderate survivability, but a larger MP pool. This one is purely support and will probably have the hardest time getting out the gate. If protected in parties, however, Dragon will probably keep the party alive far better. The most important thing for a Healer is a large MP pool. More MP equals more options and more healing. As far as priorities, this is support>defense>offense. Hard to train alone, but invaluable in a party.

Taurus is the Tank Healer. In fact, the only aspects that Bird dominates in are offensive ones; Taurus ties with all of Bird's other strong points, is in the middle in terms of Dragon's only strong point, and the only place Taurus comes in last revolves around agility, in which they're all tied for lowest. Taurus Clan is known for having pretty good HP, so survivability is not an issue for Taurus. Its magical talents are average to above-average, and since they either rival or don't trail far behind Bird, this is really good. It has a decent MP pool. The tank priest is designed to relieve the stress of other classes in the party by being capable of taking a beating until the other members can break away and assist. You can see why this is useful as opposed to the other overextenders who are good at combat but can't take a beating or good at support but can't take a beating. With higher HP, this is actually more of a cakewalk for Taurus. Its heals are pretty decent, and it can both take it and give it in terms of battle. The most balanced of the three, not overextending in any of the other race's strong points and being better than average to top notch makes them arguably the best class for someone who wants to be good at soloing and useful in parties. Defense>Support=Offense or Defense>Support>Offense--take your pick, this Healer isn't dying anytime soon.

I'd either go Hunter or Illusionist as a Bird. A Bird Healer is more of a novelty class, kind of like the Battle Priest in RO.

Of course, that's if I go Bird at all. Taurus and Dog ftw!
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