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More srsly: Legend drake does work, but honestly, if you don't like charging to that extent, you really should not be playing the character. For a character that has that option, you should be more concerned with getting sets that increase damage potential than sets that help your mana pool.
I thought that too, but then I remembered that I never even touch Dacy's S ability, so I rationalized that not using Yuki's S one (outside of melee strings and all that) was justified. I'm not so sure the damage would suffer either. It's like shooting 200 regular bullets rather than 100 slightly-above-average ones. Besides, I might be able to nix ME altogether (it does get cancelled by a lot) and get yet another attack skill. Spamming ftw.

dont spam, charge when your damage isnt needed. spread out your damage, dont throw everything you got at everything you see. most of the time, a simple melee string is all you need for a time.
Patience FTL. Everyone wants to finish a stage fast, so spam away, I say.

set effects help as well.
Specifics would be nice.

and yuki does more damage on skill than dacy when dacy isnt raged, fyi.
I meant more along the lines of damage per hit. You know, so those dang Ghost raid archers won't go invincible so much due to all the multi-hit stuff Yuki throws around.
I have to kill fast and bullets too slow!