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is that a big problem?
the colors?
if so why dont you tell the admins
this site has been up barely 2 months or so?
i doubt this format is permanant.
Somewhat... Even though they say the inside is where it counts... that only applies to people not sites. How am I supposed to know when this site was created?

also,when we play games,we stick together.
of course it may seem slow now,but once CB comes out,
thats when everything happens.
we can tell one MOGian from another,most of us.
and i expect just a big crowd of MOGs just hanging out or grinding,
like we do in other games we play.
Meh. That means that I will disappoint people doesn't seem my cup of tea. Plus I like the helping and going on with some friends. Just the fact is I have this trend when I play an MMO... So I would disappoint. Whatever.

if for now you dont like it,
why dont you just wait and see how everything plays out.
or dont,
its your decision.
I know it's my decision. Doesn't mean I get to complain or perhaps give opinions. Cause we all hold our opinions on a great pedestal...
I'm sure it's been a big shock but not everything's perfect. You guys always have the option to make another fansite if you don't like it here but please try not to criticize too much. The team here are all trying their best to make everyone comfortable. ^_^
You need criticism... Otherwise nothing would look good to the majority... Maybe not the tiniest of details yet the big ones.

Make another fan site... Screw that. I rather just sit here and watch to see what happens. Yet I might not...
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