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Default Own Security Issues

If I'm offline for a while it's because my bro is mad and shut the power down or w/e, I only want him off my room, I want my privacy, I've had it with him, he always lead my mind off things and then I'm like I can't do a damn thing, so enough is enough. Even if I have things clear, he always and I mean always damage my mind ._. then I'm pissed off, or lost what I was going to do, or I can't concentrate on things anymore, my mom knows this because I yelled at her about my security and privacy before, being said, I don't want him to care for me, no entering my room, no matter the reason, no calling, no cleaning, no anything, idc if it's an emergency or anything, I just want him out of me, idc if he lives on the house I am, I only want security and privacy on my room, and I'll get it one way or another, I want him off me, total independecy between me and him, I have my own things, he has his own things, the only thing he'll have shared from me is the internet because it's for the whole home, nothing more

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