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Default Exodus Memories

Hai guys
We need a new thread other then pure spam ones o-o
Everyone is doing their own thing now it seems, lots of Exodus doesn't use this forum too or went on to real life stuffs :/
So I was thinking; Why not find out what everyone's favorite memories of being a part of Exodus are?
I know most might be TO related, but THAT WAS FUN TIEMZ and I was actually logging into TO the past few days only to get bored in 15 minutes since no one is there T_T.
Post your own memories and reflect with me~

When I first joined Exodus with my nub bunny, I only knew Kei I think. I recognized some of you but had never talked to you guys or anything. (Just watched from bushes or something)
One of the funniest things I remember was those ss's of Kei talking to Uglehfox and trying to marry 'her' XD
And when we would go to PvP wearing grad gear... those were the best times.
When 3rd jobs came out in TO, it was like zomg, the game is open to so much more possibilities *A wild Wishey appears* 8D
It was also fun when we first started to game hop, except that was only mainly me, Mindy, and Kei and sorta went too far too fast ._.
I could go on forever but... then it would turn into more of a history of Exodus instead of just memories lol

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