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Originally Posted by Guiles
I wonder if Ice Prison reduces any resistances
It won't matter. Ice Prison renders the target immobile and invulnerable after the target takes damage. You won't hurt them while they're in Ice Prison.

Onto other things: Shuriken Rush is hawt. OP Rush is scary. Finally an earth element skill for Buffalos. WTF at the Bunny skill. Hax @ the Light Skill. A nice tradeoff for the Dark skill. Maybe an AC-based HV debuff for the lions? I hope Hurricane doesn't take too long to hit something. Swamp is not Sandstorm. D: Where's mah Demi? Summon Lightning is going to be hax. Lava Field might be what Phoenix Rising failed to be, and it'll probably be even scarier if it's stackable. Fire/Lightning will be come absolutely frightening. Hell, I think Swamp might actually make Fire/Earth reasonably formidable. Swamp is basically an AoE Dark Distractor. @_@ AoE Skunk that lasts longer? GG