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I find the game quite refreshing so if you're looking for a nice casual MMORPG I would certainly give it a shot. It has the usual MMORPG elements we are all used to but the whole animal system really gives it a nice twist. You can just hang out with friends or grind like there is no tomorrow, it's pretty much up to you. I can certainly tell you the environments are pretty good, the further you go into the game the more interesting areas you get to explore :3 Some fast features:
  • Animal - Human Transformations
  • Enchancing for glowy weapons :3
  • Very nice pet system (second stage pets fight and loot with you~)
  • Planned PvP arena
  • Repeatable Quest to relieve mindless grinding
  • Partying system called a Group
  • Guild system called a Pack with nice creative emblem possibilities.

I'm sure there is much more I did not mention here :3

If you would have any more specific questions don't hesitate to ask~!

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