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Originally Posted by Nagami
^ thats like imposible.
Since when we are supposed to do Ep. quest in sequence?

Originally Posted by weissritter
Anyway for the main event

OK the update all of you been waiting for IS HERE :P THE NEW SKILLS for 2nd Job

source: Trickster R

I love how their GM always lets everyone gets a head up on what to expect and what is in store for all the players

SKILL Lv. REQ + TM REQ will be revealed on 24th


"Consecutive Toss"
Lv. 1
MP cost: 120
cool down: 3sec
Hidden arm Power increase : 240%

One target only skill. Pow will increase with higher lv. and will be able to toss more hidden arms.
o shat, Shuriken Rush for Fox? *shed a tear of joy*

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