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Consider the levels at which you raise PoS: max PoS is at 72, and max rPoS is at 71. From level 7 -> 8 on PoS is a 10 level difference, and from 9 -> 10 -> 11 some few levels apart.
I would probably pick rPoS because I hate having to heal 830 MP for 10 levels, when I can heal around 1.1-1.2k MP for the same CD. Ya, sure you lose more HP up until you max PoS but I don't think that's much of a difference, and there's only an 18 MP difference from max PoS to rPoS.

About pieces: It sucks, I totally hate it. Meh..good for stun lock; I would just get it to level 1 then. Probably only useful in PvP, but even then people can choose whether or not they want to allow rebirth.
About rbeads: Lurveeeeeeeeeee ittt, Eirs should totally replace regular Beads with rBeads.

How sexy. <3

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