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Default ~[Eir Rebirth Skills Guide]~

[Guide still in progress]

As some of you may have known, each class in Lunia receives 3 new skills upon "Rebirthing" their character. This guide was created to explain and compare Eir's 3 Rebirth Skills.

Due to the lack of English translation in regards to the names of the Rebirth skills, I'll simply refer to the skills as "Rebirth [Counterpart skill]."

-Moon Pieces & Rebirth Moon Pieces
-Beads of Healing & Rebirth Beads of Healing
-Price of Sacrifice & Rebirth Price of Sacrifice

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________
Rebirth Moon Pieces

5 Moon Piece crescents appear around Eir and rotate in a counter-clockwise direction around Eir.

The Moon Pieces rotate for about 5 seconds before disappearing one by one.

Damage Calculation

If you compare the damage side by side, the Rebirth Moon Pieces seems pretty lackluster. However, the Rebirth version of Moon Pieces lasts for a pretty long time and you are able to get MANY more hits in. I can easily get at least 25 hits in with Rebirth Pieces, and it is possible to go up to exactly 35 hits. (Thanks for correction Ralin.)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________
Rebirth Beads of Healing

Pretty much the same as Eir's regular Beads of Healing, except instead of 2 beads, there are now 8. Slightly longer cast time, although the difference is more or less negligible.

Healing Calculation

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________
Rebirth Price of Sacrifice

[I did not provide a picture because the animation is exactly the same as Price of Sacrifice and Self-Heal.]

Rebirth PoS is very interesting. It's essentially a combination of the regular PoS with a Self-Heal attached at the end. Indeed, Eir loses HP and Gains MP with regular Price of Sacrifice.

So the order of PoS is:
Lose HP->Gain MP

However with "Rebirth PoS", she loses HP, gains MP, then finishes off with a Self-Heal that will heal her for MORE HP than she lost. With Rebirth PoS, there is no net loss of HP.
(In case you were wondering, the Self-Heal part of Rebirth PoS is dash-cancellable.)


Up until level 7, Rebirth Price of Sacrifice is "better" in terms of amount of MP you gain.
At level 8, regular PoS will give you a higher net gain of MP than a maxed Rebirth PoS. But take into consideration that Rebirth PoS will heal you for more HP than it takes off (provided you don't get cancelled during the healing part.)

*In case you were wondering what the (+XXX) means, it is the amount the Self-Heal part of "Rebirth Price of Sacrifice" heals.

Rebirth Skill Point Bonus

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