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Haha. In the Triburnal Monster Quests, the Tinks don't wink. They go Berserk instead. D:
I've been close SO MANY TIMES trying to beat them. But either time runs out on me, or I die due to a Tink on Berserk.
Not sure if Rust level 10 was recommended, but I went up to that anyway. It is helping. EXCEPT WHEN THEY GO BERSERK.
@A@ But your guide helped a lot! Just because I haven't seen any guides saying anything about the 3rd job quest and I was super happy when your's included it!! So thank you!

And now it's difficult to even GET to the Triburnal Quest area because of these damned Punisher Beast Vicientos OKHOing me. >A< OH MY LORD. *slams head into desk*