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Hello! I have been interested in your guild for awhile, I left the guild steel angel to find a more active guild, I'm hoping this one is more active. Anyways I have 2 main characters a level 168 primmadonna and a level 157 soul master, if you're interested you can have both in the guild, I play everyday about 8-9 hours a day, so I am very active.

Character names:
-mahouShojo: soulmaster
-Pu$$yHarmony: primmadonna

Yes, my cats in game name is with the s not the $ i just had to type that in here or else it would censor it, she was made in open beta so that explains why I was able to have that name.. Anyways, just call me harmony, thats what everyone calls me

/Edit - Yuki: ACCEPTED

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