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Originally Posted by Ayummi
I actually met someone that had very good manners, typed proper English and everything. BUT! He just kept asking for more and more and more and more and more and more. @_@ I had to ask someone to save me from that person... ._.

P.S. It's also very annoying when someone says "Please." like that. Like..
I need you to get me some items.

@_@ God I hate that ._.

P.S.S. o-o or P.P.S? k whatever. Um another thing is... Saying please properly but multiple times... like... Please. :: Seconds later :: Please. :: Seconds later :: Please. So even though they say please and everything @_@ it's still annoying.
Yeah,Ayummi is right.It does get annoying.So,we should not use :Please: after seconds :Please: after seconds for several times.Afterall,this is cyber etiquette .
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