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Sounds like a great book. It can be in the children's section once we destroy the censorship board and their over-protectiveness. I could go into a huge rant about the censorship board, but for simplicity's sake, I'll make a play script.

Child: *Plays barnie game when he/she is 14*
The Child has been protected from violence and nudity their entire life. This is the year 2012 and se*ual education isn't allowed to be taught in schools anymore.
*Child turns 18*
Censorship Board: You've turned 18, here you go, you can buy guns, games with a lot of blood and se*. Have fun with all the world's temptations and go to the local shop and buy a gun while you're at it. Also, you'll have fun with GTA 10, you get to kill lots of people and cops.
*Child plays game, decides to buy a gun, goes kill people*
Censorship Board: See, Barnie was way too violent for them, we should ban that too.

There's one of the major problems with American Society, they safeguard children and then they just let them go do what ever. If you've never played something with violence and you suddenly jump into a game with a lot of gore, of course it may not end well. They give no legal way for children to build tolerance. The Japanese have it right. There will always be people who can't handle things. If one person ends up shooting someone from a game are you going to take it away even if the other thousands of player are absolutely fine? Now let me ask you this, if a prescription drug gives 4-5 people health problems, are you going to take it off the shelves even though it's healing several thousands? (Gasp! Rhetorical Question).

Sorry, but I just had to add, another one that I notice a lot here in the U.S. (I definitely didn't notice a lot in Brasil, I guarantee you, so don't go saying it's everywhere), people say all the time "Learn from others mistakes", five minutes later they make the absolute same mistake. Honestly, it makes me want to strangle them. My dad always says "Do what I say, not what I do". Now, if you're like me, you've probably talked back saying something among the lines of "Why should I do something you say when you don't do it yourself?", my dad always comes up with excuses. Now every time he says that, I don't even say a word, I just think to myself "Bullsh**".

Sorry for the rant, the first 2 sentences of the post are related though