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I guess at the time when CG launched in Jap, TW (plus HK), China, Korea.
English Country is not popular with Online Games.
And as US grow love in Online Games, CG is already outdated.
Therefore, they would not want to waste time develop/translate such an old game.
Plus, Jap server had closed like 2years already, there will be no more development for CG.
V5.0 of CG is developed by the TW CG team which turns out not really attractive.
I dunno how the Mainland China and the Korean doing after Jap server closed down.
But the TW server keep combining together, leaving only 5 servers now.
(We used to have 12 TW servers plus 2 HK servers)

I should say XD
everyone who had played CG1 seems doesnt like CG2 too much......
The main problem should be you cant hit the back row even you Stand in front.......
Which means Mage and Healer have great advantage in PvP with using High HP pets.
(From reading the Forum of HK provider of CG2)

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