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Wink Engineer's Skill build with more info and tips for your and OTHER guides


TM level 5: Gun Carrier: Acquired (TM points used: 5).
TM level 10: Stone Strike: Level 5 (TM points used: 10).
<Save TM points until TM level 20>
TM level 20: Invincible Reload: Acquired (TM points used: 15).
<Save TM points until TM level 30>
TM level 35: Gun Booster: Level to Mastery (TM points used: 30).
<Save TM points until TM level 40>
TM level 40: Quick Reload: Acquired (TM points used: 35).
TM level 40: Stone Strike: Level 10 (TM points used: 40).

Total TM points used from 1st job until now: 40 TM points.

Here its exactly the same but with more info and such.

TIP: give more info like how much TM points u've used and when you should/*can learn it
*to give out info about when you CAN learn it is optional because the people who read it they can go and seek on the wiki.
also give out the info why you suggest to learn it or why you MUST learn it.

P.S. Other than that really good guide!!!!!!!!!!
I really agree why you want to suggest people to let them learn gun carrier first because you firstly want to attack normally WITH a gun and then use skills I TOTTALY AGREE WITH THIS!