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Here is a kLT quest guide/list (tells you when you can get the quest, who you can get it from, and what you need to do)

For those who can read korean, this is for quests lvl91-100 (although I can >_>)
latale. com/Guide/Quest/Default.asp?Kind=91-100&menuselect=7

I could translate and add into the latale quest wiki, but I'll leave that to Chesters if he wants me to do that

Also latale. com/Guide/Quest/Default.asp?Kind=91-100&menuselect=7 if you change the numbers of that to ex: 81-90 it will show quests between those levels and so on.

Hopefully this helps a little, sorry if you already knew about this lol

edit: also the link has a space, so please just kindly backspace (so the it becomes .com) after copy pasting the link lol, Thank you

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