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I made pics of elesis and lire items from 0-10 and crystal items
total... 96 pics! time for work
I am posting just the square with the data^.^
What resolution?>.>
ImageShack - Hosting :: wroughtironhelmgl4.jpg Wrought Iron Helm
this is first the rest coming in aprox 1-2 hrs(lire, elesis lvl 0-10 and crystal items)
ImageShack - Hosting :: wroughtironupperarmoryv0.jpg Wrought Upper Armor
ImageShack - Hosting :: wroughtironshoeshc6.jpg Wrought Iron Shoes
ImageShack - Hosting :: wroughtironlowerarmorpj7.jpg Wrought Iron Lower Armour
ImageShack - Hosting :: wroughtirongloveshj6.jpg Wrought Iron Gloves

Is this okay?
This is just the sample>.>
I will start working again when I see the OKAY word or It's fine:P

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